May 18, 2016

A short Journey to the heaven on earth

Just back from a short break in Srinagar. On a hot summer day we bundled into a cramped economy seat on Indigo Airlines, bought at short notice for something like a king's ransom. The desire to escape the blistering 44 Degrees Centigrade in Delhi, albeit for a few days was reason enough to get up in the wee hours of the morning & go skipping breakfast. 

Upon landing in Srinagar, the ordeal to get to our hotel which is located across town began. Our local guide informed us that Srinagar has been dug up for roadwork for almost a decade. However upon arriving at The Taj Vivanta overlooking the Dal Lake all the agony of the journey, the loss of sleep & food was forgotten. The place, in one word, is ..... Divine. Excellent property and wonderfully maintained at that. 

Their staff literally walked the extra mile to make our stay wonderful and to ensure that the weary traveler comes back again. Their manicures lawns put any Heritage Garden to shame. As you can see in the photographs the place is actually an oasis of Peace and Tranquility. Here one can lie back and enjoy the hospitality and admire nature on the hill atop which The Taj Vivanta is situated.

The chirping of the birds and the beauty of the flowers and plants in spring are just too tempting to sleep on a chilly spring morning. A walk in the early morning is just what the doctor ordered for battered city souls.


Guys this is the time to pack your bags, whether you wish to stay in a hotel or by the Dal Lake on a House Boat. The Flowers are in bloom, the weather is pleasant, strawberries and cherries are aplenty, the waters are placid and welcoming.

Or else travel to the glaciers at Sonmarg for some sled riding or trout fishing if you so desire.